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About Us

TruVision Custom Homes was Founded by Dan Kruntorad in 2006. Dan is a former president of MOBA and currently sits on the MOBA board of Directors and MOBA's Omaha Builders Council.

TruVision Custom Homes is a Design/Build company that constructs 5 - 6 custom homes a year in the $300,000 to one $1.0 million dollar range. Because of the quality of his work and the fact that he has been in the home building business since 1983, Dan is known and respected by tradespeople throughout the Omaha metro area.

Buyers work directly with Dan throughout the building process from finding a lot (your lot or one of ours), choosing plans (your plans or ours) through all aspects of the construction and down to picking colors. We take the ideas and dreams of our customers and combine that with our expertise, to create a custom built dream home, exactly to our customers' desires and expectations. Throughout the home building process, we offer custom modifications to meet our customers' every need.

As we say at TruVision Custom Homes, "Excitement is Building"!

Why Choose Us

Choose TruVision Custom Homes for reputation, customer relations, trade relations, construction knowledge, and architectural design.

See it, touch it, live it.

Working for and with you, start to finish.

What If?

  • What if you had pictures, ideas and thoughts for your home?
  • What if there was a builder who could put these thoughts together in a home for you?
  • What if this builder builds homes within your budget?
  • What if there was someone who had 30+ years of Omaha new home construction experience in design and construction processes?
  • What if you could sit down with this person to design your home for you?
  • What if there was a builder that would take you through the construction process, start to finish?

Start Now!

  • Start turning your dreams into your home.
  • Ask, inquire and receive more from your builder.
  • Take advantage of being involved and seeing your dream come to reality.

The beauty of a home from TruVision Custom Homes is that it will be unique to you. You will easily be able to personalize your new home, depending upon your taste and budget. With a number of exterior and interior options to choose from, customization couldn’t be more simple. 

Want to know more about TruVision Custom Homes?

We will be happy to answer any questions about our custom homes or the new home buying process. Just let us know!

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